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The Art of Open Archives

Expert meeting about archives on new media art.

The Art of Open Content

Expert meeting on open content and copyright at DEAF04.

DEAF04 workshops

Program of workshops at DEAF04.

The Evening of Marko Peljhan

An Evening at DEAF04, curated by Marko Peljhan.

The Evening of Yukiko Shikata

An evening at DEAF04 curated by Yukiko Shikata.


eye is musician, artist and singer.

Non-Local Concert

A concert, part of DEAF96.

DEAF_00 Music Program, Stretching Time to the Groove

DEAF_00 Music Program, Stretching Time to the Groove consisted of three sub-events: A Party in Advanced Sounds, Senses to the Extreme, and Soiree Ritornell,

Da Jungl Networking

A music program at DEAF96, featuring Jungle-DJs.

The Evening of ... Woody Vasulka

An evening program at DEAF00, curated by and featuring Woody Vasulka.


Informal presentations, part of Digital Dive at DEAF00.

Plateau, Duchamp and the Machine Celibataire

Presentation by Edwin Carels as part of the Evening of ... Joost Rekveld.

V2_East Meeting on Archives and Documentation

A meeting, discussing the archiving and documentation of media art.

Wiretap 6.07 - Time-Based Space

A program on the relation of space in time: architecture as movement, interactions between virtual and real spaces, and the transformation of space through ...

Connected Archives - Presentation

Public presentations of various archives, following an expert meeting earlier that day.

The Strob-Optical Machine

The Strob-Optical Machine is a work and performance by Bruce McClure.

Die Luft uber dem Toaster

Work by Norbert Schliewe, combining the Nipkow disc and the phonograph.

Bumperband On-line

Bumperband On-line (made by Ed Bezem and Pieter Jongelie) is the title of an installation that was displayed on Notes & Nodes at DEAF96.

Rehearsal of Memory

"Rehearsal of Memory" (1995) is a project by Graham Harwood.

DEAF04 Symposium

The symposium of DEAF04.

Femke Herregraven

Femke Herregraven is an artist who explores which new material base, geographies and value systems contemporary financial technologies and infrastructures ...

Melissa Gregg

Melissa Gregg is an entographer and researcher at Intel Corporation.

Willem Schinkel

Willem Schinkel is Professor of Social Theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Emotion Hero

Emotion Hero is work by Ruben van de Ven.

The Atari Punk Console Workshop

Build your own Atari Punk Console.

Cocktails & Helvetica with Douglas Coupland

A print and design workshop hosted by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and Kunstblock.
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