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Een stuk van mij gaat een paar keer

Een ‘snelcursus’ kunst en documentatie door Arjen Mulder.

De Derde Dinsdag in December

'De Derde Dinsdag' is the live cultural talkshow on cultural events in Rotterdam. In December with Ruben Jacobs on his book 'Iedereen een kunstenaar'.

A multi-sensorial perception of space

on "Olfactoscape" by Maki Ueda, written by Caro Verbeek, March 2012

Carlyle Studies, review on The Sympathy of Things

A long review from the Carlyle Studies Annual on Lars Spuybroek's The Sympathy of Things.

Ecology (Mission)

With the theme of ecology V2_ puts the dynamics of the interaction between living and non-living things right at the center of its research in 2013 and 2014.

Review: Iedereen een kunstenaar

Boukje Cnossen reviewed Ruben Jacobs' book 'Iedereen een kunstenaar' for the magazine RektoVerso.

Financieel Economische Tijd on DEAF03

Article on DEAF from the Financieel Economische Tijd, 26 februari 2003

Cycling74 reviews On the Threshold of Beauty

A very nice review by Gregory Taylor about 'On the Threshold of Beauty'.

Exhibition: Paper Moon

Paper Moon is an installation made by Ilona Gaynor and Craig Sinnamon. It's on show at V2_ from Friday 13 December till Friday January 10 2014.

DEAF 2014 - The Progress Trap

DEAF2014 Dutch Electronic Art Festival - The Progress Trap.

De Derde Dinsdag June 2014

June 2014 edition of the cultural talk show about interesting events in Rotterdam. V2_ presents the upcoming Summer Sessions.

Metro on Kunstavond XL

A preview of Kunstavond XL 2016 in the free newspaper Metro

Neural on V2_Zone

Neural magazine on V2_Zone MOCA, Taipei, Aug. 2007

8Weekly on Artistic Interfaces

8Weekly on V2_'s Test_Lab: Artistic Interfaces March 9, 2009 (NL)

Amsterdam Weekly on DEAF07

Amsterdam Weekly on DEAF07 and 'Experiments in Galvanism' by Garnet Hertz, April 12, 2007. (NL)

Art Forum on Warum 2.0

Bill Horrigan in Art Forum on the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the installation "Warum 2.0" by Stefaan Decostere, April 2009.

Art Numérique on DEAF07

Art Numérique on DEAF07, 2007. (FR)

Artecontexto on Tangent: Fear

Artecontexto, review, Tangent: Fear 2006. (Eng)

BBK Krant on Life&Art

BBK Krant, review of Life&Art 1: Transagriculture, February 2009. (NL)

South China Morning Post on Warum 2.0

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) on "Warum 2.0" by Stefaan Decostere. Feb. 15 2009

De Architect on Lars Spuybroek

De architect, interview with Lars Spuybroek on 'The Architecture of Continuity'. Dec. 2008 (NL)

Digicult on Dick Raaymakers

Digicult on "Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph," March 24, 2009. (IT)

Gonzo on Understanding Media Theory

Gonzo (Circus), review, Understanding Media Theory by Arjen Mulder, October 2004. (NL)

NRC Handelsblad on Dick Raaymakers

NRC Handelsblad on the performance "The Graphic Method Bicycle" and monograph of Dick Raaymakers. Jan. 2, 2009. (NL)

NRC on Electromagnetic Bodies

NRC Handelsblad on Electromagnetic Bodies, May 23, 2006. (NL)

The Wire on Dick Raaymakers

The Wire on Dick Raaymakers, November 2008. (Eng)

Trouw on Dick Raaijmakers

Trouw, review "Dick Raaijmakers monografie," January 5, 2009. (NL)

Volkskrant on Grafische methode fiets

Volkskrant on the performance 'Grafische methode fiets' by Dick Raaijmakers, January 30, 2008. (NL)

Volkskrant on Dick Raaijmakers

Volkskrant on Dick Raaijmakers, Profile, January 31, 2008. (NL)

Vrij Nederland on Dick Raaijmakers, February 2, 2008. (NL)

"Als onbekend Philips-technicus maakt Dick Raaijmakers in de jaren vijtig de eerste elektronische popmuziek ter wereld. Nu is hij beroemd als eigenzinning ...
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