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New Space in the Electronic Age

An essay by Peter Weibel on German endo-physicist Otto E. Rössler.

A Translocal Formation

A Translocal Formation, V2_East, the Syndicate, Deep Europe (1997) is an essay by Andreas Broeckmann.

Digital Territories - The Symposium

Short essay by Andreas Broeckmann about the DEAF96 symposium.

Book for the Unstable Media Introduction

Introductory essay for "Book for the Unstable Media," published by V2_ in 1992.

What Gilgamesh and What Apes?

Article by Wilfried HoujeBek on a translation of Gilgamesh for apes (2008), re-published in the Wild Things e-pub (2011).

The Strategy of the Form

Essay by NOX, related to the SoftSide project and DEAF96 (1996).

Het grote vlak

Essay (1992) by Dick Raaijmakers. It was republished in the 'Monografie', and between 2008 – 2012 it was also available on the website www.dickraaijmakers.nl. ...

The Great Plane

English translation of Dick Raaymakers' essay 'Het grote vlak' (1992). Re-published in the 'Monograph', and from 2008 – 2012 available on the website ...


Essay by Margarete Jahrmann about the artist-in-residence and software project "Nybble-Engine-Toolz", developed with Max Moswitzer at the V2_Lab (2002).

deepSurface _the unvisual image_

Essay by NOX about their project 'deepSurface' (1999)

Als of

Essay van William Mitchell, gepubliceerd in Interfacing Realities, 1997.

Angels in Hell

Essay by Stefaan Decostere for "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

Antisocial Scenarios

Essay written by philosopher Eric Bolle for "Book for the Unstable Media," 1992.

As If

Essay by William Mitchell, published in "Interfacing Realities," 1997.

Assault and Absence

Essay by Wim Nijenhuis for "TechnoMorphica," 1997

Caught in the Net: From Limb-Machine to Cyborg

Essay by Gerburg Treusch-Dieter for "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

De architectuur van het hypervlak en het vraagstuk van de interface

Essay van Stephen Perella, gepubliceerd in "Interfacing Realities," 1997.

Erasure and Disembodiment

Essay by George Teyssot with Diller Scofidio, published in "Book for the Unstable Media," 1992.

Event Horizon

Essay by Brian Massumi, published in The Art of the Accident, 1998.

Fascinations, Reactions, Virtual Worlds and other Matter

Essay by Florian Rötzer, published in "Book for the Unstable Media," 1992.

Het landschap van het geheugen

Essay van Stacey Spiegel, gepubliceerd in Interfacing Realities, 1997.

How Do We Make Art of Databases?

Introductory essay by Anne Nigten for the publication "Making Art of Databases" (2003).

Hypersurface architecture and the question of interface

Essay by Stephen Perella, published in "Interfacing Realities," 1997.

Interactive Digital Structures

Essay by Jeffrey Shaw about his own interactive works, written for "Book for the Unstable Media," 1992.

Interfacing Realities (Introduction)

Introductory essay by Stefan Münker, for the book "Interfacing Realities," 1997.

Interfacing Realities (Introductie)

Introductietekst van Stefan Münker voor de uitgave "Interfacing Realities," 1997.

TransUrbanism (Introduction)

Introductory essay by Arjen Mulder for the publication "TransUrbanism" (2002).

IO_Dencies - Questioning Urbanity

Essay by Knowbotic Research about their work "IO-Dencies", published in "The Art of the Accident," 1998.

Landscape of memory

Essay by Stacey Spiegel, published in "Interfacing Realities," 1997.
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