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Audience at Test_Lab

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

David de Buyser and his Acoustic Mirror_Moss

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

Piem Wirtz introducing Media Vintage

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

Melissa Coleman in front of Bravo

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

Melissa Coleman demonstrating Alpha

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

Jan Misker introducing II

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

Tarik Barri, the creator of II

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

II in action

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

II (front view)

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

Testing the Braille Tapestry of Bravo

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

Touching Acoustic Mirror_Moss

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions II (2009)

Exhibition: Summer Sessions 2014

Exhibition of new works developed during the Summer Sessions 2014.

Festival WWWk Kunstblock Tours

Kunstblock guided tours (in Dutch) at the Festival 'de Wereld van het Witte de With kwartier'.

Blowup: Non-Expert Experts

The same small circle of experts circulate on the world's conference stages... but what of all the specialist knowledge under our noses? Who are the ...

The Iron Ring

V2_ presents an e-book about the art project 'The Iron Ring' by Cecilia Jonsson. With an extensive visual essay reporting on the seven chronological steps that ...

Rotterdam Museum Night 2014

Rotterdam Museum Night is on at March 8, 2014.

Potator Performance

PIPS:LAB perform with The Potator at the New Institute as part of DEAF2014.

Neural reviews On the Threshold of Beauty

Review (dd. 16 May 2014) of Kees Tazelaar's 'On the Threshold of Beauty' in the Italian magazine 'Neural'.

Metropolis M reviews The Progress Trap

Domeniek Ruyters of Metropolis M reviewed the exhibition of The Progress Trap. (Dutch).

Summer Sessions at Ars Electronica Festival 2017

The Summer Sessions pop-up exhibition at Ars Electronica Festival 2017 shows a selection of outcomes realized through the international exchange of emerging ...

De Derde Dinsdag April 2014

April edition of the cultural talk show about interesting events in Rotterdam.

Blueprints for the Unknown

Blueprints for the Unknown investigates the gap between the promises of engineering biology and the complex and conflicted world we live in. The exhibition is ...

The Evening of Angelo Vermeulen

What would it take to build, operate and live on a starship for decades, sailing past planets near and far? DEAF and De Brakke Grond present The Evening of ...

Pseudomorphs Shown at Vienna Fashion Week 2010

Anouk Wipprecht presented Pseudomorphs at her own fashion show, during the Vienna Fashion Week 2010. The runway featured several uniquely dyed dresses and a ...

Projects Summer Sessions 2011

As the outside temperature rises, so does it rise inside the V2_Lab – the 2011 Summer Sessions have begun!

TK 730 at TEI 2012

TK 730 from the E-Textile workspace is part of the sixth international conference TEI, which focuses on the latest results in tangible, embedded, and embodied ...

Selected Projects Summer Sessions 2012

A brief introduction to the projects selected for Summer Sessions 2012.

N0things app now available

The app N0things (spelled N-zero-things) has been launched October 13th 2012. Available for free in the iTunes store! Download it and start collecting!

Wat is leven? New book by Arjen Mulder

A new collection of texts by Arjen Mulder: Wat is leven. Queeste van een bioloog. Available from February 18th on.

Michelle Kasprzak presentation in Oxford

V2's Michelle Kasprzak will give a presentation on 'Innovation in Extreme Scenario's' at the Oxford Futures Forum 2014.
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