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The Next Hundred Years

An article about film utopias by Miklos Peternak, part of the V2_East meeting on archives and documentation (1996)

Design Fiction

Design Fiction is an essay by Julian Bleecker.

pulp fashion | wearable archi[ves]tectures

Essay by Susan Kozel and Thecla Schiphorst about whisper (2002).

Three excerpts from Dick Raaijmakers' Monografie

Three excerpts from Dick Raaijmakers' Monografie, which were available from 2008 – 2012 on the website www.dickraaijmakers.nl.

Maximum Jailbreak

Maximum Jailbreak is an essay by Benedict Singleton. It is part of the Blowup Reader 7, Outer Space as Extreme Scenario.

Digitale cultuur voor de toekomst

'Digitale cultuur voor de toekomst' is a short essay by Arie Altena, written for the Network Archives Design and Digital Culture in December 2020.

Cine Fantom

An essay on Russian Parallel Cinema by Olia Lialina (1996).

On Seiko Mikami's World, Membrane and the Dismembered Body

Essay by Sabu Kosho about Seiko Mikami's installation "World, Membrane and the Dismembered Body".

The Wis­dom of Saint Mar­shall, Holy Fool

Text about Marshall McLuhan by Gary Wolf.

Digital Infinity

Short essay by Nadia Palliser.

NGOs and the myth of civil society

Paper by Paul Stubbs (1997).

Cybernetics & Entheogenics

Abstract of the lecture by Peter Lamborn Wilson for the 'Next Five Minutes" Conference, Amsterdam, January 1996.

Motorische geometrie

Essay by architect Lars Spuybroek, for "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

Metadesign (NL)

Dutch translation of an essay by Humberto Maturana for "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

Leven, intelligentie en andere gevaarlijke constructies van geest en materie

Translation of a text by Kerstin Dautenhahn from the 1997 publication "TechnoMorphica."

Theoiden, androiden en klonoiden

Dutch translation of an essay by Detlef Linke for the publication "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

Engelen in de hel - Benjamin in cyber

Dutch version of essay by Stefaan Decostere for "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

Het machinieke phylum

Dutch translation of Manuel DeLanda's essay for "Technomorphica" 1997.

Aanslag en absentie

Dutch version of the essay by Wim Nijenhuis for "Technomorphica" 1997.

Verstrikt in het net: van ledematenmachine tot cyborg

Dutch translation of a essay by Gerburg Treusch-Dieter for "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

Metaphors in Information Space

Essay by Stacey Spiegel, on "Crossings," 1995.

The Clockwork of our Mind (excerpt)

Excerpt from "The Clockwork of our Mind" by Douwe Draaisma.

Writing Machines

Text by Mark Fisher about cyberpunk.


"Squids, elementen van de techno-zoösemiotiek. Een les in fabulatoire epistemologie van het Wetenschappelijk Instituut voor Paranaturalistisch Onderzoek" is ...

Primitieve verbeelding in machinale metaforen

Dutch version of an essay by Jozef Keulartz for "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

Het museum van de zon

Dutch translation of an essay by Paul Virilio, for "Technomorphica" 1997.

The Vibrancy Effect An Anti-Disciplinary Expert Meeting

Introduction to The Vibrancy Effect ebook, by Chris Salter.

The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power

The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power is a text by the Bureau of Public Secrets.

Het Digitale Gebod

Dutch translation of The Digital Imperative (1996, a text Derrick de Kerckhove wrote on occasion of DEAF96.
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