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Test Department

Test Department, an industrial music group from London.


R a d i o q u a l i a is an artistic collective, founded by Adam Hyde and Honor Harger, which experiments with forms of internet audio broadcasting.

PWR Studio

PWR Studio is Hannah Nilsson and Rasmus Svensson.

Pantser Fabriek

Pantser Fabriek is a band from The Hague.


MAZE is an Amsterdam-based new music ensemble.

Museu Zer0

Museu ZerO is a digital art museum in Tavira, Portugal.

Performing Pictures

Is the Stockholm-based artist duo Geska Helena Brečević and Robert Brečević.


A transdisciplinary laboratory and research group.

AR Lab

The AR Lab is a laboratory for the research of Augmented Reality (AR) and other new visualisation techniques (IVT).


NON = Boyd Rice from L.A.


LATRA is a creative agency specializing in undertaking projects directly at the frontlines of global humanitarian, environmental and societal challenges.


LABORATORIA is the first nonprofit research centre in Russia focused on constructing the platforms of interdisciplinary interaction between contemporary art ...

MUU Media Base

MUU Media Base is an artist association in Finnland.

Institut fuer Neue Medien

Institut für Neue Medien (INM) is a cultural organisation.


Støj is a Copenhagen-based creative coding studio.

Shaolin Wooden Men

Shaolin Wooden Men stand for electronic, psychedelic rock.


In4Art is an innovation organisation committed to creating space for new ideas and experiments that address the big issues of our time.

Informal Strategies

Informal Strategies is Doris Denekamp and Geert van Mil.

Video Inn

Video Inn was the first Canadian video collective, it opened in 1973.

Herrmann & Kleine

Herrmann & Kleine are Thaddi Herrmann and Christian Kleine.

Ovil Bianca

Ovil Bianca is a project by Tim Wijnant.


Köhn is a project by Jürgen De Blonde.

Het Apollohuis

Het Apollohuis was a space for experimental music and visual arts by Remko Scha and Paul Panhuysen.

Daniel Langlois Foundation

Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology

Tuur van Balen & Revital Cohen

London-based, the collaborative duo develops critical design works.


KIBLA is a cultural organization and multimedia center in Maribor, Slovenia.


Rhizome.org is a network.

Public Netbase

Public Netbase (1994-2006) was a non-profit internet provider and a platform for the participatory use of information and communication technology.

Novi Compositori

Novi Compositori are Igor Veritchev & Valera Alakhov.

UNArt Center

UNArt Center is a platform for art and technology in Shanghai.
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