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Emanuel Danesch

Emanuel Danesch (AT) is an artist and filmmaker.

Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen (NL) is a documentary filmmaker.

Diane Ragsdale

Diane Ragsdale (US/NL) is a cultural economist.

Christian Nold

Christian Nold (UK) is an artist interested in participatory projects.

Saul Albert

Saul Albert (UK) is a researcher and artist.

Hans Abbing

Hans Abbing (NL) is an economist, artist and photographer.

Lucas Verweij

Lucas Verweij (NL/DE) is a design critic.

Ben van Lier

Ben van Lier (NL) is Account Director Government at Centric.

Tijmen Wisman

Tijmen Wisman (NL) is a privacy-lawyer.

Liam Bannon

Liam Bannon (IE) heads the Interaction Design Centre at the University of Limerick and is co-founder of EUSSET.

Marcel Vroom

Marcel Vroom (NL) is a renowned industrial designer and acknowledged for his technological insights and future product visions.

Remy van der Vlies

Remy van der Vlies (NL) is a consultant and researcher of performance based building at TNO.

Chantal Akerman

Chantal Akerman (BE) is a director, writer and actress.

Jutta Zaremba

Jutta Zaremba (DE) is a media-theorist.

Vida Guzmic

Vida Guzmic is an artist.

Dominique Regef

Dominique Regef (FR) is a musician.

Kasper T. Toeplitz

Kasper T. Toeplitz (US/FR) is a musician-composer.

Paul DeMarinis

Paul DeMarinis (US) is an electronic composer.

Jules Marshall

Jules Marshall (GB) is a writer and editor.

Andrew Pickering

Andrew Pickering (UK) is a sociologist, philosopher and historian of science.

Sundar Sarukkai

Sundar Sarukkai (IN) is a scientist-philosopher and Director of the Manipal Centre for Philosophy at the Manipal University.

Tim Lenoir

Tim Lenoir (US) is Jenkins Chair for New Technologies and Society.

Harry Smoak

Harry Smoak (US/CA) is Principal at Livematter.

Mischa Daams

Mischa Daams (1986) is an artist that composes for the senses, while researching the space in between the physical and virtual.

Jonathan Reus

Jonathan Reus is a Dutch-American sound artist and art-technology researcher.

Dirk Heylen

Dirk Heylen is Professor Socially Intelligent Computing at the University of Twente and member of the Supervisory Board of V2_.

Moritz Stefaner

Moritz Stefaner is an independent designer, consultant and researcher in the field of data visualization.

Martin John Callanan

Martin John Callanan is an artist researching an individual's place within systems.

Daniel Goddemeyer

Daniel Goddemeyer is a New York City based researcher / designer.

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec is Amsterdam-based artist with a particular focus in sound, new media, real-time interaction, and questions of contemporary mediation ...
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