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Andre Castro

Andre Castro is a sound artist from Lisbon. He studied at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

Benjamin Li

Benjamin Li (NL) is a visual artist who works with photography, video and sculptures.

Cihad Caner

Cihad Caner [TR] is a visual artist living in Rotterdam.

Cristina Cochior

Cristina Cochior [RO] is a researcher, designer and bot custodian working in the Netherlands.

Joana Chicau

Joana Chicau [PT] is a media designer and performer.

Lucas Battich

Lucas Battich [AR] is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Inari Wishiki

Inari Wishiki is a Japanese artist.

Sebastian Pasquel

Sebastian Pasquel is an artist.

Siri Borge

Siri Borge is a Norwegian artist.

Susana Sanches

Susana Sanches (PT) is an artist.

Spela Petric

Špela Petrič is a Slovenian new media artist and former scientific researcher.

Shelley Cook

Shelley Cook (US) is interdisciplinary artist/activist.

Keith Piper

Keith Piper (GB) is an artist, curator, researcher and academic.

Gerald van der Kaap

Gerald van der Kaap (NL) is an artist.

Bastiaan Maris

Bastiaan Maris (NL/D) is a pyro-acoustic artist.

Brad Hwang

Brad Hwang (US/KR) reconstructs cultural artefacts of a culture that never existed.

Gerard van Dongen

Gerard van Dongen (NL) (1967-2006) was a composer, musician and computer programmer, instrumental to Rotterdam's impro scene around 1990.

Francisco Lopez

Francisco López (ES) is an acclaimed experimental sound artist.

Frieder Butzman

Frieder Butzman (DE) is an artist.

Charley Hooker

Charley Hooker (GB) is a performance and installation artist.

Gottfried Hattinger

Gottfried Hattinger (AT) is an independent curator.

Mario Marzidovshek

Mario Marzidovshek (YU) (1961-2011) was an experimental noise artist.

Bernd Kastner

Bernd Kastner (D) is an artist and sculptor.

Po-Ting Lee

Po-Ting Lee / 李 柏廷 (TW) is a new media artist.

Francis Hunger

Francis Hunger (DE) is an artist, designer and programmer.

Pedro Bericat

Pedro Bericat (ES) is an artist.

Floris van Manen

Floris van Manen (NL) is soundscape artist.

Elisabeth Schimana

Elisabeth Schimana (AT) is a composer, performer and radio maker.

Glenn Kaino

Glenn Kaino (US) is a sculptor, installation artist and filmmaker.

Rik Delhaas

Rik Delhaas (NL) is a journalist and musician.
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