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Mihai Gui

Mihai Gui is a photographer, originally from Romania.

Marlot Meyer

Marlot Meyer is a media artist.

Jacco Borggreve

Jacco Borggreve is a Netherlands-based new media and performance artist.

Nino Gontcharova

Nino Gontcharova is a social-oriented artist.

Anne-Jan Reijn

Anne-Jan Reijn is an artist who plays with the expectations and the comfort of the spectator.

Susan Costabile

Susan Costabile (US) is is a photographer and video artist.

Brendan Oliver

Brendan Oliver (UK) is an interaction designer and creative coder.

Teresa van Dongen

Teresa van Dongen (1988) is an Amsterdam-based designer.

Dries Depoorter

Dries Depoorter is a media artist.

Charlot Boonekamp

Charlot Boonekamp is a designer and architect.

Teun Vonk

Teun Vonk is a photographer and video artist.

David Moss

David Moss (US/DE) is considered one of the most innovative singers and percussionists in contemporary music.

Roberto Paci Dalo

Roberto Paci Dalò (IT) is a composer.

Isabella Bordoni

Isabella Bordoni (IT) is a performer and writer.

Robert Adrian

Robert Adrian (CA/AT) is an artist working with communication technologies.

Cecilia Jonsson

Cecilia Jonsson is an artist from Sweden who lives and works in Bergen, Norway. In 2013 she's a Summer Sessions artist in residence at V2_.

Stephen Zepke

Stephen Zepke is an independent researcher and philosopher living in Vienna.

Andre Avelas

André Avelãs is a sound artist.

Mint Park

Mint Park is an electronic musician and a new media artist

Gokay Atabek

Gökay Atabek (TR) media artist and musician, originally from Istanbul, based in The Hague.

Chi Po-Hao

Chi Po-Hao (TW) is an artist from Taiwan.

Henry Hemming

Henry Hemming is a writer, and the author of 'Churchill’s Iceman' (2014).

Jan Jongert

Jan Jongert (1971) is one of the founders of Superuse Studios back in 1997.

Marcel Henaff

Marcel Hénaff (FR) is a philosopher and anthropologist.

Stuart Moulthrop

Stuart Moulthrop (US) is a hypertext godfather.

Judith Blankman

Judith Blankman (US) works with sculpture and site-responsive installations.

Simon Penny

Simon Penny (AU) is an artist, theorist and teacher in the field of Interactive Media Art.

Anne Galloway

Anne Galloway (CA) is a social researcher.

Tobie Kerridge

Tobie Kerridge (GB) is a researcher.

Joanna Berzowska

Joanna Berzowska (CA) is the research director of XS Labs.
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