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Masquerade is a video installation by Vermeir & Heiremans, presented in the framework of the Bruges Triennale 2015, and co-produced by V2_.


25271067 is a work by Sebastian Pasquel.

17 Seconds

17 Seconds is a work by Lai I-Chen.

a note on slippage

a note on slippage is a work by Vida Guzmic.


"ZAPP TV" (1992) is an installation by Dirk Paesman (B).

Panoramafoon II

"Panoramafoon II" (1991-1993) is an installation by Ad van Buuren.


"Nanoloop" is a minimalistic electronic music program for handheld platforms.

Palm Pilot Robot Kit

The PPRK kit has a unique holonomic drive system and a deck for mounting a Palm Pilot or other PDA.

Dick Raaijmakers website

Website about Dick Raaijmakers' Monografie, which was online from 2008 – 2012.


"Tide" is an installation by Luke Jerram. It was shown at the DEAF04 exhibition.


"Very Slow Scan Television" (VSSTV) is a work by Gebhard Sengmüller. It was shown at DEAF04.

Experiments in Galvanism

"Experiments in Galvanism" (2003) is a work by Garnet Hertz. It was shown at DEAF07.


"MOBI" is short for 'Mobile Operating Bi-directional Interface', it is a telepresence work by Graham Smith.

Sculpture City

"Sculpture City" is a CD-ROM by Attila.

Coin Flipper & The Buttons

The projects "Coin Flipper" and "The Buttons" by Dot Mancando are mechanical devices which investigate randomness vs control.

Object B

"Object B" is a game-like interactive installation by Exonemo (Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa). It was shown in the DEAF07 exhibition.


"Ondulation" is a composition for water, sound and light, by Thomas McIntosh with Mikko Hynninen and Emmanuel Madan.


"Roots" (2007) is a work by Roman Kirschner. It was shown in the the DEAF07 exhibition.


"Surrounded" is a video installation by Yang Zhenzhong. It was shown in the exhibition of DEAF07.

World Wide Ensemble

"World Wide Ensemble" (2007) is a generated image work by Antoine Schmitt. It was co-developed at V2_lab and shown in the DEAF07 exhibition.

The Red Flag Flies

"The Red Flag Flies" is a video by Zhou Hongxiang.

What Noah Knew

"What Noah Knew: Old Models for New Conditions" is a short film by The Yes Men.

Safe Distance

"Safe Distance" is a video recorded during NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia; it was edited and published by Kuda.org

Can You See Me Now?

"Can You See Me Now?" is a game by Blast Theory that happens simultaneously online and on the streets. It was performed in Rotterdam during DEAF03.

East by West

"East by West" is a networked telepresence environment by Johannes Birringer, Orm Finnendhal, and Sher Doruff. It was part of the DEAF03 exhibition.


"PainStation" is an art game by //////////fur//// (Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff). It was shown during DEAF03.

Pockets Full of Memories

"Pockets Full of Memories" is a work by George Legrady. It was shown in the exhibition of DEAF03.


"Zgodlocator" (1994-2002) is an interactive installation by Herwig Weiser.

Globe-Jungle Project

"Globe-Jungle" (2002) is an installation by Yashuhiro Suzuki. It was shown at DEAF03.


"CodeZebra" (2002) is a kind of chat in a visual 3D space. It was developed by Sara Diamond as a V2_lab-project, and shown in the DEAF03-exhibition.
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