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They Rule

"They Rule" (2001) is a web project by Josh On and Futurefarmers.

100,000 STREETS

"100,000 Streets" is an interactive installation by Geert Mul.

Panoramic Acceleration

"Panoramic Acceleration" (1999) is an interactive installation by Marnix de Nijs.

Open Sailing

"Open Sailing" (2009-) are a variety of open-source technologies to explore and study the oceans.


"Protei" is a fleet of sailing drones, developed primarily to collect oil spills.

Global String

"Global String" (1999-2000) by Atau Tanaka is a musical instrument in which the network forms the resonating body.

12th of Never

"12th of Never" (2000) is a photography work by Gerald van der Kaap.

Every Icon

"Every Icon" (1996) is a computer work by John F. Simon.

The Trap

"The Trap" (1998) is an installation using stroboscopic lights by Gregory Barsamian.


"Heimola" (2000) is an interactive computer work by Mari Soppela.

Out of the Present

"Out of the Present" (1995 / 1999) is a feature film by Andrej Ujica.

Opinify App

Opinify App is a work by Zane Cerpina.

Extraneous Relationship

Extraneous Relationship is a work by Jun Hyoung San.

Lost Dimension

Lost Dimension is a work by Marnix de Nijs, a co-production with V2_.

Interference 53 N,42 E (v2.0)

Interference 53°N,42°E - v2.0 (2020) is an interactive and immersive installation by Sandipath Nath and Nikzad Arabshahi dealing with human generated ...

VR who we are

VR who we are (2020) is an interactive VR installation by Mihai Gui aimed at exploring the creative process of the artists that took part in the 2020 Summer ...

Decomposing Landscapes

Decomposing Landscapes (2020) is an Augmented Reality research by Noemi Biro, developed during a Summer Sessions residency in 2020.


LIMB-O (2020) is a work by Marlot Meyer developed during a Summer Sessions residency in 2020.

Field of Connection

Field of Connection (2020) is an interactieve installation by Nino Gontcharova, developed during a Summer Sessions residency.

Emotions from an Algorithmic Point of View

Emotions from an Algorithmic Point of View is a performance after a concept by Coralie Vogelaar.


DIS_TURBATION (2020) is a work by Francisca Rocha Gonçalves, developed during a V2_Museu Zer0 residency.

Deep Limb Sensation

'Deep Limb Sensation' is a virtual-reality environment realized by Pierre Proske in 2006.

Utopia Travel

'Utopia Travel' (2002) is a collaborative project by Austrian Artists David Rych and Emanuel Danesch.


'Unmovie' (2004) is a web-cinema project realized by Philip Pocock, Gregor Stehle, Axel Heide and Onedotzeros.


'WIMP', Windows Interface Manipulation Program (2004), is VJ-software developed by Alexei Shulgin and Victor Laskin.

Perpetual Self Dis-Infecting Machine

'Perpetual Self Dis-Infecting Machine' (2004) is a software work by 0100101110101101.org.


'One Word Movie' is an on-line platform which organizes, based on user-supplied terms, the flood of images on the Internet into an animated film. A word turns ...

Civilization IV

"Civilization IV - Age of Empire" is an art game realized by Eastwood, presented in 2004.

DataCloud 2.5

DataCloud 2.5 (2003) is an update of DataCloud 2.0, an information space which investigates the changing urban domain of the city of Rotterdam from a ...

Semiology of Cyberspace

'Semiology of Cyberspace' (2004) is a software work, developed by Francis Hunger.
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