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City Interactive

'City Interactive' (2004) is an online project developed by Akuvido during their residency period at V2_Lab.


StreamStudio is a streaming multimedia system intended for non-technical people.


The combined version of Michael Saup's two installations "Pulse[8]/9" and "Binary Ballistic Ballet" was presented during DEAF95 (1995).


A server-software-experiment developed as artist-in-resident project by Margarete Jahrmann and Max Moswitzer (2002-2003).


i-could-have-written-that (2016) is a workshop by Manetta Berends.

Choose how you feel; you have seven options

Choose how you feel; you have seven options (2016) is a work by Ruben van de Ven.

My Hard-Drive Died Along With My Heart

My Hard-Drive Died Along With My Heart (2016) is a book project by Thomas Walskaar.

Seven Excerpts from The Warp

The Warp is a work by Tyler Coburn.

Artificial Time

"Artificial time" (1999) is an interactive tele-robotic installation by Ana Giron. It was shown in the exhibition of DEAF_00 (2000).

Light Mills

"Light Mills" (1988 is a holography work by Dieter Jung. It was shown in the exhibition of DEAF_00.

Sonic Interface

"Sonic Interface" (1999) is a sound work by Akitsugu Maebayashi. It was shown in the DEAF_00 exhibtion.

X=X+1 (INCREmental)

"X=X+1" (INCREmental)" (1999) is an endless film and a computer-based video installation by Eike.


Text about the V2_website of 2000. The V2_website was part of the DEAF00 exhibition.

My Flesh, the Text and the Languages

A videoinstallation by Orlan (FR), presented in 1993.


ARtours is an Augmented Reality project of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2010-).

Layar Safari - City Route

'Layar Safari - City Route' (2010) is an AR-project by Victor de Vries and Sander Veenhof.

Evolving Spark Network

Interactive sound and light installation (2010 - 2011) by Edwin van der Heide (NL).


Generative multichannel computer installation (2009) by Telcosystems (NL).


"Indigestion" (1995) is an interactive installation by Diller & Scofidio.

Tales from the Chopping Cart

"Tales from the Chopping Cart" (1992) is a physically and emotionally interactive video installation by Barney Haynes.

Mobile Feelings

"Mobile Feelings" is an interactive art work by Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau (2004.)

Arcana 33 1/3 / Automatic Descriptions

The "Automatic Descriptions" project, is a concert-installation by Mark Trayle, also described as electro-acoustic necromancy, presented during DEAF95.

outsourced views, visual economies

'outsourced views, visual economies' is a work by Yuri Pattison.

Action Plant

Action Plant (2010) is a work by Ivan Henriques. It is a speculative proposal to empower threatened species of plants with the ability to flee from their ...

Angels of Stealth

"Foreign Affair" (2010) is a work by South African artist-director Rodney Place.


ART-DOC-COM was a Virtual Museum consisting of several connected BBS's, created by Johan Lubbers in 1993.


Beijerkoppen is a public art project by Toine Horvers and Paul Cox, in collaboration with V2_Lab.

Camera Lucida

"Camera Lucida: Sonochemical Observatory" is an immersive spatial art work by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand.

Chinese Portraiture

"Chinese Portraiture" (2006) is a conceptual image work and interactive video art installation by Zhou Hongxiang. The images are presented like a dictionary, ...


3rd i exhibition MKgallery: collaborative international video screening from 2010
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