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Moving Mapping

"Moving Mapping" (2011) is a work by Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer (from the WERC collective) on the aesthetics of projection mapping.

Cyberflesh Girlmonster

"Cyberflesh Girlmonster" (1995) is a CD-ROM by Linda Dement.

All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis

This work (1991) by Morton Subotnick is the first musical composition released exclusively on CD-ROM.

I Photograph To Remember

A CD-ROM by Pedro Meyer is a narrative, electronic photo album.

Dream Kitchen

"Dream Kitchen" is a CD-ROM by Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski.

Lovers Leap

'Lover's Leap' (1995) is an interactive installation by Miroslaw Rogala, it was shown in the exhibition of DEAF95.

Narcissism Enterprise

An interactive portrait installation (1997) by Nicolas Anatol Baginsky.

Artificial Changelings

"Artificial Changelings" (1998) is an interactive movie by Toni Dove, shown during the IFFR98.


"Aeriology" (1995) is an electromagnetic installation by Joyce Hinterding.

Eat It! City Simulator

"EAT IT! City Simulator" (2010) is a game about urban planning by Selena Savic.

220V Electro Clips - The Party Effect

"220V Electro Clips - The Party Effect" (1995) is an interactive installation by Christian Möller (D), with P. Kuhlmann (D) and L. P. Demers (CND) .


"Conserveringstechnieken" (Preservation techniques), was an exhibition/work by Jos Vulto, shown as part of the Romantic Aesthetics Manifestation, 1986.


"Agrippa - A Book of The Dead" (1992) by William Gibson is a dual-unit artwork that destroys itself after while reading.


"TerraVision" (1994) is a networked virtual earth representation by ART+COM.

National Heritage

"National Heritage" (1997) is a collaborative networked project by Mongrel.

Heritage Gold 1.0

"Heritage Gold 1.0" (1998) is a software project by Mongrel that alters your racial features.

The Web Stalker

"The Web Stalker" (1997-1998) is a software project by I/O/D that generates a deep level re-visualisation of data-space.

Idea Futures

"Idea Futures" by Robin Hanson is a collection of ideas in the WWW, a betting market on important questions in science and technology.

The Invisible Shape of Things Past

"The Invisible Shape of Things Past" (1995-) by ART+COM are parametric translations of movies into space.


"PING" is a work by ART+COM, where TV and internet were interlinked at V2_ in 1995.

Be Now Here (Welcome To The Neighborhood)

"Be Now Here (Welcome To The Neighborhood)" (1995) is an immersive installation by Michael Naimark allowing to visit public plazas on the UNESCO World Heritage ...


A web project and exhibition developed during DEAF00 (2000).

BIT Plane

"BIT Plane" (1997-1998) by the Bureau of Inverse Technology (BIT) is a miniature aerial observation and recording unit.

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse

Monitoring the legal climate for internet activity: a webproject founded by Wendy Seltzer.

W.E.B. Du Bois A Biography In Four Voices

W.E.B. Du Bois: A Biography In Four Voices (1996) is film produced and directed by Louis Massiah.

The First World Festival of Negro Arts

The First World Festival of Negro Arts is a 40 minute film by William Greaves

Aime Cesaire: A Voice for History

Aimé Césaire: A Voice for History is a documenation trilogy by Euzhan Palcy.


"Timetable (1999) is a multi-user installation by Perry Hoberman.

Ride the Byte

"Ride the Byte" (1999) is an interactive work by ART+COM which shows the complex structure of the Internet.

IC You Watch

"IC You Watch" (1989-1990) is an interactive installation by Ivo van Stiphout.
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