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Palm Top Theater

Palm Top Theater is a playful analog extension for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (and in principle any Smartphone) that converts a 2D display into a layered 3D ...

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour is a work by Rodney Hoinkes and Stacey Spiegel about the Rotterdam harbour, it was shown at DEAF96.

Thoughts on the SoftSite Project

Essay of Lars Spuybroek on the SoftSite project (1996).

The Garden

"The Garden" (1992, 1996) by Tomas Waliczky and Anna Szepesi is a computer animation and video installation.

Worlds Within

"Worlds Within" (1996) is an online 3D multi-user communication environment by Karel Dudesek and Van Gogh TV.


"Havendam" was an internet project by Kit Blake and Paul Boots.

Staging Strategies

"Staging Strategies" (1998) is a research project for the basic elements of VR by Nicole Martin (D) and Lilian Jüchtern (D).


Terracleanse (2019) is an immersive experience made by Marnix de Nijs.

The Trees are Walking Towards the Birth of a Triple-Dripping Fetus

"The Trees are Walking Towards the Birth of a Triple-Dripping Fetus," an installation-performance by Chico MacMurtrie, performed at the San Francisco Festival.

Kozebotaru (Wind-vuurvlieg)

"Kozebotaru (Wind-vuurvlieg)" is an installation by Felix Hess.

Custom Made Music Performances

A couple of the pieces which are on the repertoire of Custom Made Music, on the programme for Test_lab Graduation Edition 2013.


Consentsus (2013) is an art work by Eleanor Greenhalgh.

They Touched Beyonce

They Touched Beyoncé (2013) is a work by Dennis van Vreden

0 - 255

0 - 255 is an interactive installation by Susana Sanches.


"Softswitch technology" enabled wearable electronics.


ZEROnet (1992) was an international electronic network.

Death Before Disko 3.1

"Death Before Disko 3.1" (2007) is an installation by Herwig Weiser. It was part of the DEAF07 exhibition.


Antirom was the first CD-Rom by the British collective of the same name.


P.A.W.S. is Personal Automated Wagging System, a CD-Rom for kids.

Pop Up Computer

Just like pop-up childrens books, this CD-ROM shows various interactive and three-dimensional environments made up of two-dimensional graphic elements on the ...

The Way Things Work

CD-Rom based on the book The Way Things Work by David Macaulay.

V.O.L.V.O. Airbag

CD-Rom by Richard Cameron, Pinky Keijzer and Yariv Alter Fin, published as supplement to the issue "HOME" of the Dutch Mediamatic magazine in 1995.

Audio Visionen 2+

A video compilation from Austria (2000-2001).

Utility Pets

"Utility Pets" (2004) by Elio Caccavale, is a series of speculative products investigating the ethical consequences of xenotransplantation.

Holodeck for House Crickets

"Holodeck for House Crickets" (2005) by Amy Youngs is a virtual environment for crickets.

Back, here below, formidable

"Back, here below, formidable" (2011) by Marguerite Humeau is an installation from the "Vocal Tracts" series.

Performance #1

"Performance #1" (2011) is a cinematic performance event by Wouter Huis.


"Diskohedron" is a reactive light installation by Philipp Lammer, Selena Savic and Gordon Savičić.


"Burnstation" (2003-) by Platoniq is a public space installation and action for a free audio culture.

Into Your Hands They Are Delivered

Into Your Hands They Are Delivered is a work by Tobias Revell. It was shown in the exhibition Blueprints for the Unknown (2014).
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