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WAX: or the discovery of television among the bees

"WAX: or the discovery of television among the bees" (1991) is a feature film by David Blair.

Body Movies

"Body Movies - Relational Architecture #6" (2001) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is a large-scale, interactive public projection.

Things to Come

Things to Come is Alexander Korda's film adaptation of H.G. Wells 1933 essay The Shape of Things to Come.


BodySPIN, (Spherical Projection Interface) is an immersive environment by Time's Up. It was presented at Wiretap 7.1.

Der Golem

Der Golem is a film by Paul Wegener, based on the story of Gustav Meyrink.

V2_ video compilation 1997

Not an official video-release, this is a compilation tape featuring several works that have been shown at V2_.


Koyaanisqatsi is a film by Godfrey Reggio. with a soundtrack by Philip Glass.


"Pandaemonium" (1995) is a feature film by John Wyver on four artists working with man and machines, shown during Wiretap 3.07.

Temporary Broadcasts

'Temporary Broadcasts' (2001) is the title of a video compilation by British musician Scanner.


"Automan" (1988/90) is a short film by James Herbert, later collected in the video compilation "Figures" (1990).

John Five

"John Five" (1992) is a short film by James Herbert, starring Poppy Z. Brite.


Thaw (2000) is a work by Michelle Kasprzak.


Basin is a video work by Leslie Peters.

CNN Interactive just got more interactive

CNN Interactive just got more interactive (2001) is a work by Thomson & Craighead.

Interventions: a Nigger in Cyberspace

'Interventions: a Nigger in Cyberspace' is a video installation by Keith Piper. It was shown in the exhibition 'The Body in Ruin' (1993).

Armed Response

"Armed Response" is a video by NOX.

Chill Caves

"Chill Caves" (1992) is an interactive installation by Gerald van der Kaap, designed in cooperation with Peter Giele.

Olfactoric Nervous System

"Olfactoric Nervous System" is an interactive smell installation by Erik Hobijn, shown at V2_ in 1995.

Phonic Frequencies

"Phonic Frequencies" (2002) by Tamás Szakál is an audiovisual data space with an interior that can be changed by means of telecommunication.

Ars Memoria System

"Ars Memoria System" is a database art project by Tjebben van Tijen. It is an information system that ties the realm of paper and tangible objects to the ...


Jitter provides a complete toolkit for developing video effects and graphics in MaxMSP.


"TGarden" (2001) by Sponge, FoAM and V2_Lab, is an interdisciplinary project exploring methods of artistic expression and social interaction in mixed reality.


TRANS-KP (2002) is a Regenerative Online Interface by Diogo Terroso.


"Friend" (2002) is a software project by Dirk van Oosterbosch.

Big Brotherhood Browser

"Big Brotherhood Browser" (2002) is software project by Jaanis Garancs.

DataCloud 2.0

"DataCloud 2.0" (2001-2002) was a large software research project at V2_lab.

Images (larger than) 1:1

"Images (larger than) 1:1" (1996) is a web-based artwork by Debra Solomon.

The World Generator

"The World Generator" (1996) is an interactive 3D work by Bill Seaman.


Merz (1993-1996) was a prototype system for knowledge visualization and personal information management on the internet initiated by Michael Century.

The Collective Collage

A collective artwork at DEAF94 (1994)
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