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"DissemiNETion" (1998) is an internet project by Beth Stryker and Sawad Brooks.

Zonder Titel

Installation for the Unstable Media by V2. It was shown during the 585 m3 event at Zaal de Unie, from June 9-11, 1990.


"Beweging-Tijd-Ruimte" (1986-87) is a large scale installation installation by V2 in which the public influenced the choice of images, sounds and objects ...


"3DAM" (1996) was a 3D project by Zvonimir Bakotin.


"SoundCreatures" (1998) is an interactive online sound work designed by Koichirou Eto.

Jheronimus Bosch internet game

Jheronimus Bosch (2001) is an internet game based on painting by Jheronimus Bosch.


The "Birth(+)Fact(x)Death(-)Calendar" was a project by Danny Devos. It was part of the 'Unreliable DEAF98 website.'

Hole in the Earth

"Hole in the Earth" (2001) is a work by Maki Ueda, realized in cooperation with V2_lab.

Gaza Checkpoint

Gaza Checkpoint (1998) is a photo-essay by Horit Herman-Peled.


"Bosnia" (1998) is a hypermedia photo-essay by Gilles Peress.

INSULAR Technologies

INSULAR Technologies (1996?) was Marko Peljhan's project of an alternative radio network.


"Unmasking" (2000-2001) is a project by Oladélé Ajibojé Bamgboyé.


MMBase is an Open Source content management system that can be used for publishing websites. The former website of the V2_ archive was based on it.


KeyWorx is a Multi-User Cross Media Synthesizer developed by a.o. Sher Doruff.


'Phonosynthesis' (2014) is a work developed by Chi Po-Hao during a 2014 Summer Sessions residency at V2_.

Vertigo System

'Vertigo System' (2014) is the Summer Sessions residency project of Máté Pacsika which he developed at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping (2014) is work by Joseph Hughes, developed at V2_ during a Summer Sessions residency.

Origin: Cycle #1

Cycle #1 is the first assisted expedition of Mischa Daams' Origin project.

Abstract Violence

Abstract Violence (2016) by Cihad Caner investigates the current migration from its first place from Syria, from destroyed cities, from leftover objects.

WebPage Act I, II and III

WebPage Act I, II and III (2016) is a work by Joana Chicau.

Progressive Movement Towards Concrete Creation

Progressive Movement Towards Concrete Creation (2016) is a work by Lucas Battich.

The Limejuice Mystery

The Limejuice Mystery (2016) is a work by Solange Frankort


HATERS TV - The Haters mastering gravity.


Dissecting Table - "Between Life and Death," CD, 1990.

Transpermia/Project Dedalus

Performance by Marcel-lí Antúnez Roca in a dynamic robotics event inspired by his MIR flights. 2003.

Eaux d'Artifice

"Eaux d'Artifice" (1953) is a short experimental film by Kenneth Anger.

Fata Morgana

"Fata Morgana" (1971) is a film by Werner Herzog.

Anima Mundi

"Anima Mundi" (1992) is the third collaborative film project by director Godfrey Reggio and composer Philip Glass.

La Region Centrale

"La Région Centrale" (1971) by Michael Snow was shot with a robot camera on a mountain top in the Canadian winter.

Burden of Dreams

"Burden of Dreams" (1982) is a documentary by Les Blank.
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