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A Ghostly Life

A Ghostly Life (2019) is a work by Minke Nouwens, developed during a Summer Sessions residency in 2019.

Liquid Video

Liquid Video (2019) is work by Helmut Smits.


B-hind (2020) is a work by Dani Ploeger.

Capturing Unstable Media

Capturing Unstable Media was a research project conducted by V2_ in 2003 on archiving and preserving unstable media.


Culturecab (or Culture Cab) is an extension of Plone. It is a CMS developed by V2_, specifically to run websites of smaller cultural organizations which also ...


Merzbow "Aka Meme," cassette, 1984.


Prilius Lacus "Symbol und Hoffnung," cassette, 1987.


Prilius Lacus "Dentro de la Gravedad," cassette, 1988.


Bernhard G√ľnter/Ralf Wehowsky "Un Ocean de Certitude," 3 x 3" CD set with booklet in plastic box, 1996.


Test Department "European Network 1985," cassette from live recordings at V2, 1985.


Merzbow Dutch Tour 1989, double cassette, 1992.

Submersive Cinema

"Submersive Cinema" is a work by Graham Smith.

The Bar Code Interpreter

The Bar Code Interpreter (2001), developed by V2_lab allows other (electrical) devices to respond directly to any bar codes.

Neither Ready Nor Present To Hand

"Neither Ready Nor Present To Hand" (2012) is a work by Cheryl Field.

The Others

"The Others" (2012) is a work by Tuur van Balen & Revital Cohen.


Dissecting Table, "Ultimate Psychological Description," 1988.


"Beweging Tijd Ruimte" by V2 with Vivenza, 1986.

Installation with insects and spiders

A pyro-acoustic installation by Bastiaan Maris.


"CD for the Unstable Media", 1992.

The Dynamic Dialogue II

"The Dynamic Dialogue II" (1991-1992) is an interactive work by Joke Brouwer and Alex Adriaansens.


"Adelbrecht" (1988-2000) is a speaking and interactive robot by Martin Spanjaard.

Dolci Mura

"Dolci Mura" is an interactive installation by Ron Kuivila.


"Witness to Disaster" by Eric Lunde, released as LP and cassette, 1992.

Permanent Flux

Permanent Flux (1999) is a CD-Rom featuring sound-image works and lectures.

Small Fish

Small Fish (1999) is a CD-Rom published by ZKM.

An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War

A CD-Rom and installation (1993) by George Legrady.

Bio-Morph Encyclopedia

The CD-ROM Biomorph Encyclopedia: Muybridge Revisited (1994) by Nobuhiro Shilbayama is based on plates of the photographs of Edward Muybridge.

Puppet Motel

Puppet Motel (1995), published by Voyager, is a CD-Rom by Laurie Anderson.

Virtual Conversation

Virtual Conversation (1995) is a CD-Rom published by the VPRO.


Gadget (1993) as a Japanse adventure game, issued on CD-rom.
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