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Bacterial Money

Bacterial Money is a work by Raphael Kim. It is part of the exhibition Blueprints for the Unknown (2014).

A Series of Reasonable Intentions

A Series of Reasonable Intentions is a work in progress by Koby Barhad. it is part of the exhibition Blueprints for the Unknown (2014).

Taste of Data

Taste of Data (2014) is a work by Veronika Krenn.

Spatial Sounds

"Spatial Sounds (100dB at 100km/h)" (2000-2001) is an interactive audio-installation by Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide (NL).

Re: Newspapers

"Re: Newspapers" (2011) is an augmented newspaper by Akitoshi Honda (JP).

The Physical Rhythm Machine

The Physical Rhythm Machine (2016) is a work by Philip Vermeulen.

The Iron Ring Project

The Iron Ring (2013) is a work by Cecila Jonsson developed at V2_ during the Summer Sessions 2013.

The Things?

The Things? is a project by Marguerite Humeau.

Pulp Landscape II

Pulp Landscape II (2013) is a miniature film studio in a suitcase, by Weiyi Hu.

playing 5x5x5

"5x5x5" is a kinetic light- and sound installation. It was played by Arthur Ivens, Ferenc Teglas and Robert Pravda.

Female Misbehavior

"Female Misbehavior" (1992) consists of four short documentary-movies made by German director Monika Treut during the 1980s and early 1990s.


"Cyberpunk" (1990) is a documentary by Marianne Trench, featuring William Gibson and Timothy Leary.


A collaborative project, "Amicitia" (2002) aimed at making TV and video content available online.


"De-Coupled" (2011) is a work by Doug Back.

Je Tu Il Elle

"Je Tu Il Elle" (1975) is a film by/with Chantal Akerman.

Part Time God

"Part Time God" (1992) is a Dutch documentary written and directed by Paul Cohen.

Other Reckless Things

"Other Reckless Things" (1984), a short film by Janis Crystal Lipzin.


"Pickelporno" (1992) is a work by Pipilotti Rist.

Flesh Histories

"Flesh Histories" (1992) is a compilation of about 30 works, selected by Tom Kalin.

Window Water Baby Moving

This 12 minute piece captures the birth of Jane and Stan Brakhage's first child (1959).

The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes

"The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes" (1971) is a short silent documentary on autopsies by Stan Brakhage.

Ecosystem 7

"Ecosystem 7" (1990), sub-titled "A Sedimentary Heat" is a short film by Teruo Koike.

Ecosystem 5

"Ecosystem 5" (1988), sub-titled "A Tremulous Stone" is a short film by Teruo Koike.


The "HugShirt" by CuteCircuit transfers the feeling of being hugged at a distance.


"Cubebrowser" (1st ed. 2009) by Ludwig Zeller is a navigation device for online databases.

Breaking the News

"Breaking The News - Be a News-Jockey" is an interactive media installation by Marc Lee.

The Ratchets

"The Ratchets" (1998) by Jens Brand are a 30 min concert for eight computer-operated, motorized wooden ratchets.

The Child

"The Child" (1999) is a music video by Alex Gopher with Antoine Bardou-Jacquet.

Manhattan Timeformations

"Manhattan Timeformations" is a webproject by American architects Brian McGrath and Mark Watkins.

In The Company Of Bots

In The Company Of Bots (2016) is a work by Cristina Cochior.
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