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Antirom was the first CD-Rom by the British collective of the same name.


P.A.W.S. is Personal Automated Wagging System, a CD-Rom for kids.

Pop Up Computer

Just like pop-up childrens books, this CD-ROM shows various interactive and three-dimensional environments made up of two-dimensional graphic elements on the ...

The Way Things Work

CD-Rom based on the book The Way Things Work by David Macaulay.

V.O.L.V.O. Airbag

CD-Rom by Richard Cameron, Pinky Keijzer and Yariv Alter Fin, published as supplement to the issue "HOME" of the Dutch Mediamatic magazine in 1995.

Audio Visionen 2+

A video compilation from Austria (2000-2001).

Utility Pets

"Utility Pets" (2004) by Elio Caccavale, is a series of speculative products investigating the ethical consequences of xenotransplantation.

Holodeck for House Crickets

"Holodeck for House Crickets" (2005) by Amy Youngs is a virtual environment for crickets.

Back, here below, formidable

"Back, here below, formidable" (2011) by Marguerite Humeau is an installation from the "Vocal Tracts" series.

Performance #1

"Performance #1" (2011) is a cinematic performance event by Wouter Huis.


"Diskohedron" is a reactive light installation by Philipp Lammer, Selena Savic and Gordon Savičić.


"Burnstation" (2003-) by Platoniq is a public space installation and action for a free audio culture.

Into Your Hands They Are Delivered

Into Your Hands They Are Delivered is a work by Tobias Revell. It was shown in the exhibition Blueprints for the Unknown (2014).

Bacterial Money

Bacterial Money is a work by Raphael Kim. It is part of the exhibition Blueprints for the Unknown (2014).

A Series of Reasonable Intentions

A Series of Reasonable Intentions is a work in progress by Koby Barhad. it is part of the exhibition Blueprints for the Unknown (2014).

Taste of Data

Taste of Data (2014) is a work by Veronika Krenn.

Spatial Sounds

"Spatial Sounds (100dB at 100km/h)" (2000-2001) is an interactive audio-installation by Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide (NL).

Re: Newspapers

"Re: Newspapers" (2011) is an augmented newspaper by Akitoshi Honda (JP).

The Physical Rhythm Machine

The Physical Rhythm Machine (2016) is a work by Philip Vermeulen.

The Iron Ring Project

The Iron Ring (2013) is a work by Cecila Jonsson developed at V2_ during the Summer Sessions 2013.

The Things?

The Things? is a project by Marguerite Humeau.

Pulp Landscape II

Pulp Landscape II (2013) is a miniature film studio in a suitcase, by Weiyi Hu.

playing 5x5x5

"5x5x5" is a kinetic light- and sound installation. It was played by Arthur Ivens, Ferenc Teglas and Robert Pravda.

Female Misbehavior

"Female Misbehavior" (1992) consists of four short documentary-movies made by German director Monika Treut during the 1980s and early 1990s.


"Cyberpunk" (1990) is a documentary by Marianne Trench, featuring William Gibson and Timothy Leary.


A collaborative project, "Amicitia" (2002) aimed at making TV and video content available online.


"De-Coupled" (2011) is a work by Doug Back.

Je Tu Il Elle

"Je Tu Il Elle" (1975) is a film by/with Chantal Akerman.

Part Time God

"Part Time God" (1992) is a Dutch documentary written and directed by Paul Cohen.

Other Reckless Things

"Other Reckless Things" (1984), a short film by Janis Crystal Lipzin.
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