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6585/vloer 1/1

"6585/vloer 1/1" (1989) was an interactive sound-installation with computers, moving speakers and light by Michiel Duvekot and Arthur Sauer (NL). It was shown ...

akte tessitura

"akte tessitura" by Yntse Vugts (NL).


"Relocatie" is a video project by Hans Lodewijkx and Theo van den Boomen (NL).

Herbarium Vivum

Herbarium Vivum is a site specific installation by Driessens & Verstappen.


P.S. (2011) is an installation by Herman Asselberghs and Fairuz, using the parts of the laptop which was disassembled in the video "Dear Steve" (2010).

V2_Archive website (2003 - 2010)

Website for the archive of V2_, which was accessible at archive.v2.nl from 2003 till 2010.

Cartographic Command Centre (CCC)

Cartographic Command Centre (CCC) (2004) is an installation which incorporates various projects which deal with mapping and power. It was shown during DEAF04.

Si Poteris Narrare, Licet

"Si Poteris Narrare, Licet" is the first iCinema-movie. It was made by Jean Michel Bruyere (FR/SN) and shown at DEAF04.


"Membrane" (2004) is a responsive installation by the art research group Sponge. It was shown at DEAF04.


"M.U.S.H." (Multi-User Sensorial Hallucination) (2004) is an interactive art work by Joachim Montessuis (FR) and Eléonore Hellio (FR). It was shown at DEAF04.


"n-Cha(n)t" (2001) is an installation by David Rokeby. It was part of the exhibition of DEAF04.

Microscopic Opera

In "Microscopic Opera" (2011) by Matthijs Munnik, an audiovisual installation, tiny nematodes 'C. elegans' perform an opera under microscopes.

Crowd DJ

"Crowd DJ" (2010/11) by Tom Laan is an interactive sound mixer.


A project by Jos Smolders.


"StalkShow" (2003) a public space project by Karen Lancel.

Let this be a Warning

Let This Be a Warning is a short VR-film by The Nest Collective (Kenya).

Spirit Robot

Spirit Robot is a VR-work by Jonathan Dotse (Ghana).

The Other Dakar

The Other Dakar is a VR-film by Selly Raby Kane.

The Mouthpiece

"The Mouthpiece" (1994) is an interactive installation by Krzysztof Wodiczko.


"MediaFilter" (1995-) by Paul Garrin is a social critique webproject and multimediatic online environment.


In "polar" by Marko Peljhan and Carsten Nicolai, each participant is expected to individually investigate the unknown and seamless environment by relating to ...

SPASM for Live beta

An integrated Spatial Audio solution for Ableton Live, developed by Sebastian Frisch and V2_Lab.


"Promenade" (2000) is a software project by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák and Márton Fernezelyi.


"Scanned" (2000) is a work by Christian Ziegler.


The MATRIX is a collection of software tools, created by Ars Electronica Futurelab and presented at V2_ Creative Kernels in 2000.


"Hostage prototype 1.0" (2010) is a nano painting by Frederik De Wilde (BE).


"UMwelt-VIRUtopia" (2011) is a robotic installation by Frederik De Wilde (BE).
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