Summer Sessions 2019 Selection

These are the artist that were chosen to be part of the Summer Sessions 2019!

Supported by V2_:

  • Evelina Rajca (DE/NL), co-supported with PCCA, hosted by PCCA
  • Jasper van Loenen (NL), hosted by Art Center Nabi
  • Jeanine Verloop (NL), hosted by Hangar
  • Minke Nouwens (NL), co-supported with PCCA, hosted by PCCA
  • Moritz Geremus (AT), hosted by WAMP
  • Sophia Bulgakova (UA/NL), hosted by Metamedia

Hosted by V2_:

  • Alexander Weir (CA), supported by WAMP
  • Kuo Chih-Yi (TW), supported by NTMOFA
  • Magdalena Orellana (ES), supported by Hangar
  • Marko Gutić Mižimakov (HR), supported by Metamedia
  • Tengchao Zhou (CN), supported by PCCA
  • Tzusoo Hankyul Lee (KR), supported by Art Center Nabi


Find out more about the Summer Sessions on summersessions.net

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