Summer Sessions 2019

The Summer Sessions take place between July and September each year.

Jul 2019
Sep 2019
10:00 to 23:00

The Summer Sessions are short-term international art and technology residencies for emerging artists and designers. A network of cultural organizations all over the world sponsors and hosts the residencies.

Every summer we offer early-career artists and designers support so they can take part in production residencies abroad. If selected, you will gain an opportunity to work in a highly productive atmosphere with support, feedback and expert supervision. Each Summer Sessions residency lasts approximately eight weeks and takes place between June and September. During this period you will develop your project from concept to presentable work, ready to show.

Read all information about the Summer Sessions.

The artists will present what they worked on September 6 between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.!


Supported by V2_:

  • Evelina Rajca (DE/NL), co-supported with PCCA, hosted by PCCA
  • Jasper van Loenen (NL), hosted by Art Center Nabi
  • Jeanine Verloop (NL), hosted by Hangar
  • Minke Nouwens (NL), co-supported with PCCA, hosted by PCCA
  • Moritz Geremus (AT), hosted by WAMP
  • Sophia Bulgakova (UA/NL), hosted by Metamedia

Hosted by V2_:

  • Alexander Weir (CA), supported by WAMP
  • Kuo Chih-Yi (TW), supported by NTMOFA
  • Magdalena Orellana (ES), supported by Hangar
  • Marko Gutić Mižimakov (HR), supported by Metamedia
  • Tengchao Zhou (CN), supported by PCCA
  • Tzusoo (KR), supported by Art Center Nabi
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